Fraternity and Sorority Life looks to keep the highest standards for our members here. As recognized student organizations, our fraternity and sororities on campus are subject to Missouri and Federal law, the Student Code of Conduct, and Institutional Compliance policies. The University takes all reports seriously. 


If you notice hazing and would like to do something about it, you can make a report here through the anonymous Hazing Prevention Hotline. Hazing is not acceptable and hurts all those involved. 


If you notice any bias related incites related to fraternity and sorority organizations, please report it to our Institutional Compliance office. You can follow the link here to make a report or go to their office in Violette Hall 1308. 


For crimes on campus, you can report those to the Department of Public Safety by calling 911 or by filing a report here


For issues related to the Truman State Code of Conduct, you can report those here or visit the Office for Citizenship and Community Standards in Student Union Building 3100.