Alumni Spotlights

Alpha Kappa Lambda: Phillip G. Smith

Throughout his time studying business administration at Truman, Phillip Smith served as AKL’s vice president and held a position on Greek Council. After graduating from Truman, Smith went on to law school at Mizzou and practiced law until last year. From 1990 to 2002, Smith was also in the Missouri House of Representatives. During is his time in government, Smith was responsible for passing the legislation renaming Northeast Missouri State University to Truman State University, Go Bulldogs!

Looking back on his days at Truman, his favorite part of Greek Life was the fellowship with his brothers in AKL. Memories that stand out to him are the different personalities in the fraternity and how well they all got along. He believes that his time at Truman helped him gain the skills to accept those who do not agree with him and see their point of view, as well as his own. His advice to current and future Truman Greeks is to be sure that students enjoy each day and learn from their experiences.

Alpha Gamma Delta: Becca Landwehr

Becca Landwehr, a Fall 2005 member of AGD held many positions while in Greek Life including AGD’s social chair and risk manager. Additionally, she was the activities coordinator for homecoming and Greek Week. For her, Greek Week was by far the most engaging week of the year. While at Truman, she recommends that all Greek members diversify their world view and organization. She recommends students to look outside of their personal Greek bubble and use it for inspiration to improve and better their organization.

Landwehr’s favorite part of Truman Greek Life is that it allowed her to network socially and make a variety of connections. She learned how to navigate relationships, which is one the most important parts of her role as an interior designer. Learning about people and relationships has helped her be able to empathize and relate to her clients. She likes to compare her work community to the Truman Greek Community because everyone has their own organizations and groups but they also all work together as a whole to drive and deliver.

Alpha Sigma Alpha: Susan (Behrens) Day

Susan Day is an Alpha Sigma Alpha member from 1994. While an active member in Alpha Sigma Alpha, Day held positions as editor/historian and Vice President. She was also a Rho Chi (now called Gamma Chis) in 1996 where she counseled PNMs through Recruitment. In 1997-1998, she was Greek Week President while the sorority was paired with Sigma Tau Gamma.

While at Truman, Day was a communications major and now recently left a sales position to run her own blog and Etsy business that designs and sells home décor. Day’s favorite part of Truman Greek Life was the ability to make bonds not just with her sisters, but members of other sororities and fraternities. Her favorite memory from Truman Greek Life was running down the hill on bid day and volunteering as a buddy for Special Olympics. She enjoyed learning how to plan large events, running the committee chairs for Greek Week, and even getting to participate in the skits too!

Day recommends for current Greeks to enjoy every moment in their organization because in a blink it will all be over! She also advises students to not get too caught up in the competition between sororities on campus while a student. Recently, Day lost an Alpha sister to a brain aneurysm. This sister was not yet 40 and left behind a loving husband, 2 daughters, and many friends and family. She advises students, “Life is so short – count your blessings each day to be a part of the Greek system and seek out ways to serve others.”

Phi Beta Sigma, Inc.: Shawn Glispie

Shawn Glispie, a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. went through recruitment in the spring of 2010. While in Greek Life, Glispie held a position as NPHC Greek Life Intern. Overall, his favorite part of Truman Greek Life was the opportunities it gave him to network with other people throughout Truman. Helping with the step portion of lip sync and the canned food drive service event are two events that stood out to Glispie while at Truman.

Glispie was a Justice Systems major while at Truman. Currently, he is continuing to give back to the community as a high school mathematics teacher. At this job, he enjoys being able to prepare the next generation of students for higher education through the leadership and communication skills he learned while at Truman.

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