Pillar 1: Growth

  • Requirement 1: Initiation rate should have a retention rate of 70% Initiation Rate (.5 Points), 80% Initiation Rate (1 Point), or 90% Initiation Rate (1.5 Points) in the fall and again in the spring (transfer students will not be included)
  • Requirement 2: Attendance at Fall New Member Orientation rate 50%-70% (1 point), 70%+ (2 points)
  • Requirement 3: Coordinate one substance free program/event with a fraternity/sorority from another council (1 point)
  • Requirement 4: Coordinate one substance free program with a non-Greek organization (1 point)
  • Requirement 5: Provide your National Risk Management Policy (1 point)
  • Requirement 6: Attendance at all Risk Management Roundtable events (.5 points per semester)
  • Requirement 7: DEI Retreat (.5 points for each submission, 1point for each attendance)
  • Requirement 8: Facilitate educational programs (Hazing prevention, alcohol awareness, emergency awareness) during chapter meetings. You can reach out to FSL team for materials if needed (1 point each, up to 2 points)

Google Forms will be sent out to chapters by FSL to obtain required information