Emerging Greek Leader

Emerging Greek Leader is our annual leadership development workshop for underclassmen members of fraternities and sororities. This event takes place every Spring semester, and is a great opportunity for first and second year members to dig deeper into the meaning and potential of the fraternity and sorority community here at Truman. Thus, the purpose of the event is for undergraduate members to picture themselves in the future as leaders of their chapters. EGL features strengths analysis, team building exercises between members, and event planning simulations. These activities prompt personal reflection and growth, while initiating new relationships within the FSL community. It is intended to encourage emerging leaders to prepare themselves for future positions by developing their strengths and targeting their weaknesses, while forming connections with the people who will likely be leading alongside them in the future.

Sound interesting to you? Be sure to look out for nominations in your chapter in the Spring! Past attendees have gone on to be chapter presidents, council leaders, and so much more!