Greek Week

The theme for 2021 Greek Week is …

Lights.Camera.Greek Week!

Update! Greek Week Raises $14,000 for Rural Advocates for Independent Living (RAIL)

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Greek Week at Truman State University is a week-long celebration that takes place each spring. Greek Week strives to build and promote Greek unity on campus through friendly team competitions. It is also a time for Greeks to give back to the campus and Kirksville community.

Greek Week strives to:

  • Promote Greek unity
  • Inspire friendly competition among the organizations
  • Expanding individual’s circle of friends by creating new opportunities to get to know other
  • Ability to show your pride for your organization
  • Create a positive image on Truman’s campus for the Greek community
  • Support the Truman and Kirksville community through philanthropic efforts
  • Recognize Greek students as leaders
  • Recognize two to three students as Greek Week Annual Scholarship Recipients

The Greek Week Committee is comprised  current Greek students from an assortment of organizations and the FSL Team. The committee is led by two Greek Week Directors that are selected through an application process in the fall. The Greek Week Committee begins planning at the end of the fall semester to prepare for spring activities. Please see the committee breakdown for more information.

Greek Week holds a variety of competition events throughout the week on campus. Every year the events change to correlate with the current theme that is chosen by the committee in the fall. Annual events include: a philanthropic event, Greek Week Kick-Off, annual athletic games, trivia, Court and Lip Sync.

Students interested in applying to be a Greek Week Director or a Committee Member should review the job description and complete the appropriate application on the Greek Week website.

Past Greek Week Themes:

  • 2005 – Viva La K-Vegas
  • 2006 – The Best Greek Week Ever
  • 2007 – 007 Greek Week
  • 2008 – Oh, the places we’ll go
  • 2009 –  Game On
  • 2010 – It’s What’s for Breakfast
  • 2011 – Fast Times at Greek High
  • 2012 – Greek Olympics
  • 2013 –  Where a Greek can be a Kid!
  • 2014 – One Mission, One Community, One Greek
  • 2015 – Red, White, & Greek
  • 2016 – Game Show Network
  • 2017 – Space Adventure
  • 2018 – The Greeks Before Time
  • 2019 – Greeks vs Food
  • 2020 – Decades
  • 2021 – Greeks go to the Movies